Why Use Buddha Chitta Mala?

It's supreme happiness heart is bodhichitta. ‘Bodhi’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘enlightenment’, and ‘chitta’ the word for ‘mind’; therefore ‘bodhichitta’

literally means ‘mind of enlightenment’ this is defined as a mind, motivated by compassion for all living beings, that spontaneously seeks enlightenment.
Bodhichitta is born from great compassion, which itself depends upon cherishing love.
Cherishing love can be likened to a field, compassion to the seeds, taking and giving to the high methods for making the seeds grow, and bodhichitta to the harvest.
The cherishing love that is developed through the practice of exchanging self with others is more profound than that developed through other methods, and so
the resultant compassion and bodhichitta are also more profound.
Without great compassion, the spontaneous wish to protect all living beings from suffering, bodhichitta mala  cannot arise in our mind; but if we have supper
compassion, especially the high  compassion generated through exchanging self with others, bodhichitta mala ,will arise naturally. The strength of our

bodhichitta mala depends entirely upon the strength of our good  compassion.

Of all Dharma realizations, bodhichitta is happiness. That's profoundly compassionate mind is the very essence of the Bodhisattva’s training. Developing the

good heart of bodhichitta enables us to perfect all our virtues, solve all our problems, fulfill all our wishes, and develop the power to help others in the

most appropriate and beneficial ways.

Bodhichitta is the best friend we can have and the highest quality we can develop. We generally consider someone who is kind to his or her friends, takes

care of his parents, and gives freely to worthwhile causes to be a good person; but how much more praiseworthy is a person who has dedicated his or her whole

life to relieving the suffering of each and every sentient being?

This is a bodhi seet orginal from Nepal also in Nepal  get only remot village temal area kavrepalanchok district where was gure padma meditation location.
if not believed please ask to many monk and Buddhist peoples of Nepal.
You can have view million of different similar but these are not original one.
Please you can ask to peoples where you can see this bodi tree in nepal and india too , they can not show because original bodi tree you can see only  Temal area  in Nepal.
If you wish to see bodi tree plants please you can visit your self best season to see bodi tree plants with green beads or flowers, April to July.

Buddha Chitta Mala

Natural Buddha Chitta

Reaseach Buddha Chitta and Adventure

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