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The Buddha-Chitta prayer beads originating from Guru Padma Sambava
Sambhava or Guru Rinpoche, who introduced Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet, was in meditation retreat at the cave of Tongsum Tunda in present-day Kavre District of Nepal, he considered what he could do in a material way for the local people. He could see that they deserved to have peace, happiness and prosperity in future generations, in the interest of benefit for all sentient beings, so in his wisdom and enlightened activity he provided them with a special gift.

7-8 mouth per piece 2500 USD
NO:8 mm per mala set 5000 USD
NO:9 mm per mala set 3500 USD
NO:10 mm per mala set 2500 USD
NO:11 mm per mala set 2000 USD
NO:12 mm per mala set 300 USD
NO:13 mm per mala set 125 USD
NO:14 mm per mala set 50 USD

Notice: 7 to 12 mm size are good for meditation-prayer very easy and 15 to 17 are suitble for hanging -wear on statue or temples/ monasteries.

Buddha Chitta Mala

Natural Buddha Chitta

Reaseach Buddha Chitta and Adventure

Great Buddhist Master Trail ,This is a non-tourist area and less crowded, but a very splendid one.This trek takes you to Yanbel danda (2100 m), "Mahabharata Rhododendron Trail"(3100m) its highest elevation, from where you will see a vast Himalayan range from Makalu to.. Read More>>


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