Hrenjin Dorje Durber in Bhra-timal

While attempting to trace out the historical facts, the story goes back to the expounder of Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism , Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpochhe)'s blessed reside in kingdom of Timal (as described as Yaringag in holy scripture ) on his journey back from Tibet. There are several interconnected stories of Guru's meditation in caves of Timal and his unexceptional charges against the evils around, generation of lakes called Tongsum Kunda using his vajra (thunderbolt) and origination of Bodhichitta Maala (Praying beads) which believed not to be able to grow elsewhere other than in province of Timal in Buddhistic Nepal. With traceable historical facts along with archeological remains from department of archeology of present day Nepal, evidence that the king of Timal was Renjin Dorje (Dorge) while Prithvi Narayan Shah founder of modern unified Nepal invaded this little kingdom and made Timal as part of modern greater Nepal. After the collapse of Renjin Dorje's reign many historical evidences has been either destroyed or lost in the mist of history of victory. The historical messages descended down the generations through the oral tradition and historical sites and phrases as (Kot Timal, Dorje Ghyang, Tongsum Kunda, Yarinhag, Yakshya Chhyoiling, Tamsaling, Namobuddha, Tamang referring to the name of bygone age still reflects the existence of historical kingdom and its religious and spiritual significances. According to the historical facts came down through the oral tradition and paralleled references found in holy vajrayana texts, Rinjen Dorje who was descendent of historical Guru Rinpochhe and as Dorje also refer's to vajra or thunderbolt which is very strong symbol of power and means to meditation in tantric system of vajrayana tradition of Buddhism as one we can always see on right-hand of Guru Padmasambhava, was true practitioner of Guru's teachings on defilement of negative demonic tendencies and path to salvation.

Story says that, Renjin Dorje has put forth the foundation stone of Dargyeling Monastery at present day Bolde Phediche-6 of Kavre District, Nepal in honor of Guru Padmasambhava and preserve his timeless teachings of Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism but he could not give the final shape to the monastery due to enormously short period of his reign and unexpected downfall to death due to the tricky political and battle strategy adapted by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Later in the lifespan of his grandson Ompo Dorje the final construction of Monastery was accomplished along with the formal Buddhist rites of infusing iconographic statues of the Buddhistic deities and established a stupa at Monastery premises with holy relics of Hrenjin Dorje. Soon after acquiring Timal as part of greater Nepal the descendants of Prithvi Nayaran Shah slowly begun to take existing Guthies of the monasteries on Shah dynasty's hold and appointed lineage of this vajrayana tradition of Dargyeling monastery as vajrayana Priest of royal family.

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