Rural Society Nepal

The following activities are carried out in order to achieve the project goals:
1. Education for the children of remote villagers
Rural Society searches for those children from remote villages who are unable to go to school because of their parents’ poor economic condition.
Rural Society finances their education, which includes study books, note books, school dress and the annual education fee.
2. School building repairs
Repair and maintenance of school facilities and material, like tables, benches, windows, doors, roofs, toilets and water supply.
3. Agricultural change training programme
Farmers are able to follow training and awareness programmes to help them to improve agricultural techniques and production efficiency. They also receive information about child labour.
More awareness and higher productivity as a result of a more efficient use of available resources (fields, domestic animals, community forests, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) and of a better knowledge of new ways of farming, forestry and animal raising has a positive impact on income. A higher income for farmers results in more means to send their children to school.

Mr/Mrs Pinna Massimo & Renu
(sponsors trying to collect funds)

Main problems in agricultural sector

  • Traditional methods of farming
  • Use of traditional tools
  • Lack of agricultural knowledge and training
  • Difficulties of irrigation.

Solution problems

  • Irrigation facilities should be made available
  • Improved seeds, pesticides and fertilizers when needed
  • Education and training to the farmers by the authority concerned
  • As farmers are poor, loans should be provided to them at cheap interest rates or they should be given other help
  • Improving marketing to sell agricultural products better.


Rural Society Nepal


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